Talking about those things about hardware handles!

创建时间:2021-04-08 11:22

Everyone will have a love story.

There are many furniture in the house, and there is always time to use it.

The small accessories on the furniture look very small, but in fact, both in terms of decorative aesthetics and practicality, they cannot be ignored.

With reasonable hardware accessories, the furniture also adds a bit of artistic flavor.

So, as a heavyweight in hardware-handle, what details should be paid attention to when choosing?

The editor of Baika Hardware will talk about the handles today.

Handle selection in the hallway area: The hallway is one of the key decorative parts in the room. The handle of the porch cabinet can emphasize its decorativeness. Generally speaking, two luxurious handles are installed on a symmetrical decorative door.

For shoe cabinets, single-head handles with a color close to the surface of the board should be selected. The handles of these furniture that are mainly used for functions should be invisible. It is appropriate to choose a single-headed handle with a color close to the panel, so as not to hinder the owner's use.

Living room handle selection: The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to be similar to the color of the electric device or the stone of the TV counter, such as black, gray, dark green, and sub-golden exposed handles. The reason is that the opening frequency of the cabinet doors in these places is low, and it is to ensure that the movement of people will not be involved.

Kitchen handle selection: Don't choose too many textures for kitchen cabinet handles, because the kitchen is used more frequently, the oily smoke is large, and the handles with too much texture are not easy to clean up after being stained with oily smoke. The handle used in the kitchen should be made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials. Aluminum alloy handles are a good choice for the kitchen.

The handle of the decorative cabinet can be adapted to its own more eye-catching style. Choose a double-headed handle that is shiny and contrasts with the color of the furniture.

Study handle selection: study furniture can imitate office building practices, choose simple and square handles.

Children's room handle selection: For safety in children's room, it is best to install flat handles, or simply adopt no handle design. The built-in handle is especially suitable for rooms with children, because it has no prominent edges and corners, and children will not accidentally hit it.

Bathroom handle selection: There are not many cabinet doors in the bathroom. It is suitable to choose a miniature single-headed ball type ceramic or plexiglass handle, and its color or material should be similar to the cabinet body.