There are several styles of cabinet handles How to match cabinet handles

创建时间:2021-04-08 11:24

Cabinet handle style

1. One-word cabinet handle

One-character cabinet handles are the most common and common styles. The shape of the cabinets looks like a single word. It is a relatively simple handle style, which makes the cabinets look more concise and beautiful.

2. Round cabinet handle

There is also a round cabinet handle on the market in 2018, which is a bit similar to a button being installed on the cabinet. It is also a relatively simple and direct style. The handle of the round cabinet is generally a screw hole, and the installation is relatively simple.

3. Hidden cabinet handle

In addition to the one-word and round cabinet handles, there are handles that can be hidden in the gaps of the cabinet doors in the home furnishing industry. They do not occupy a position and are very beautiful, and they are not easy to bump. This kind of handle may be unaccustomed to use at the beginning, but it is also great for a long time.

How to match the cabinet handle

In 2018, the cabinet handles on the home improvement market were made of aluminum alloy, copper, ceramic, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc. When choosing, in addition to matching according to the style of your own cabinets, you should also consider whether the home decoration style is coordinated and unified, so as not to affect the overall aesthetics.

Although there are many materials for the cabinet handles, the quality is also uneven. Good quality cabinet handles will be finer in workmanship details, without any flaws, and feel better to the touch, and will be much better in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, it also depends on the pull test of the handle. Generally, the cabinet handle can withstand a pulling force of more than 6 kg is qualified, so the service life of the handle will be long.